Special Forces Group 2 3.9 Mod Apk + Obb Data [Unlimited Money] for Android

Special Forces Group 2 Mod Apk is a Shooter game for android

Download latest version of Special Forces Group 2 v3.9 Mod Apk + Obb Data [Unlimited Money] for Android 4.0 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link

Game Name: Special Forces Group 2
Genre: Shooter
Developer Company: ForgeGames
Current Version: 3.9
Last Update: May 27, 2019
File Size: 32 Mb / 193 Mb
Store ID: com.ForgeGames.SpecialForcesGroup2
Requires Android: 4.0 and up

Special Forces Group 2 Apk Description

3D First Person Shooter in real-time.
-Singleplayer(with bots)
-Multiplayer Online and Wifi router.
-9 game mode (Classic,Resurrection,Capture the Flag,Zombie Mode,BombMode,Knives,Deathmatch,ArmsRace,Sniper)
-Weapons Skins (134 pieces)
-8 Characters per team
-30 Maps
-9 Pistols
-4 Shotgun
-6 Submachine guns
-12 Rifles
-5 Sniper-rifles
-3 MachineGun
-3 Grenades
-3 Bulletproof vest
-10 Languages(English,Русский,Espanol,Deutsch,Francais,日本人,中国,Türk, Português, Indonesia)


What’s New

-Table leaders for the day
-improved anti cheat
– New Glock Model and Inspection Animation
– new model HK416
-shield cost increased
-fixed bugs







Direct Download Link
Google Playstore Link

note: extract the zip and move or copy the obb data folder “com.ForgeGames.SpecialForcesGroup2” to “internal storage/android/obb/”

Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim 1.0.30 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] for Android

Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim Mod Apk is a Simulation game for android

Download latest version of Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim v1.0.30 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] for Android 2.3.2 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by Iron Horse Games LLC

Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim Apk Description

Tap to craft and dig deep into Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim, the crafting and building game of 2019! Build a bustling town, dig up rare ore, expand to new islands and become a survival expert!

This is a crafting and building game like you’ve never seen. Mine up rare metals, grow food to feed your thriving settlement, unlock new buildings, craft new items, and expand to new islands in Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim!

Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim Features:

Become a Survival Expert
– Dig & Mine Rare Ore!
– Expand to new islands!
– Upgrade your settlement!

Craft Your Town
– Craft Tools to Dig Out a Civ!
– Watch Your Town Thrive!
– Use Tools to Construct Buildings to Craft Further!

Mine Rare Metals
– Dig into the earth to unearth treasures!
– Multiple types of ore to dig!
– Randomly generated islands!

Retire & Keep Idling
– Harvest Resources or let your town do it for you!

Lovers of crafting and mining games will be hooked on this epic survival adventure. Enjoy Tap Craft: Mine Survival Sim, the mining game of 2019!




Lost Artifacts 4.4 Apk [Full Paid] for Android

Lost Artifacts Apk is a Strategy game for android

Download latest version of Lost Artifacts v4.4 Apk [Full Paid] for Android 4.1 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by 8floor games ltd

Lost Artifacts Apk Description

Set off with Claire on an adventure through the uncharted continent of the casual strategy game Lost Artifact.

For a long time, Claire worked as a historian and archeologist in a prominent university. When she chose her course in life she thought she’d be searching for ancient treasure, but instead ended up spending all her time reading. Then one day Claire noticed a peculiar coincidence. Had she really uncovered a treasure map of the ancient Tonauak people? So without a second thought, she left in search of the treasure. She had been waiting for so long and couldn’t miss her chance.

What will you find there? Get ready for island games, 49 vivid levels, lots of different objectives, increasing difficulty, a fun plot, and a unique world with captivating gameplay for any age. Build a city and manage resources, restore ancient statues, use powerful magic and draw power from holy places. With its simple controls and easy training, you’ll be playing like a pro in no time.

Lost Artifacts — Restore the ancient city and defeat the dark priest!

– A unique world, similar to the Cook Islands, that gets its magic from ancient statues and holy places – real magic rush!
– You can build a village.
– A fun plot, vivid graphics, and unforgettable characters!
– Lots of different objectives you haven’t yet encountered!.
– More than 40 unique levels.
– Dangerous enemies: wild men, ancient curses, bears, and crocodiles.
– 4 unforgettable locations: forests, plains, tribal deserts and cursed lands.
– Helpful bonuses: speed up work, stop time, fast run.
– Simple controls and easy training.
– More than 20 hours of exciting gameplay for any age.
– Cool game music.


What’s New

Fixed bugs






Linelight 1.2.2 Apk + Mod [Unlocked Worlds] for Android

Linelight Mod Apk is a Puzzle game for android

Download latest version of Linelight v1.2.2 Apk + Mod [Unlocked Worlds] for Android 4.1 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by My Dog Zorro

Linelight Apk Description

Linelight is an elegant, minimalist puzzle game set in a universe of lines. Its puzzles will awake your mind as the music flows through your body, gifting you a soft, relaxing euphoria. Linelight is for players of any age or level of experience.

Movement is your only interaction. Whether you’ve played hundreds of games or this is your first, Linelight will provide you an intuitive and rewarding experience.

Traverse through 6 worlds and over 200 unique puzzles, each new world loaded with variety and depth, a curious series of discoveries and surprise. A feast awaits players looking for secrets and greater challenges.

Prepare to be soothed and energized, wrapped in a blanket of calm and focus, whisked away by a soundtrack that will open your eyes and relax your entire body.

You’ll make unexpected friends along your journey. You’ll learn how to cooperate and overcome obstacles together. You will develop a relationship with bars of light without exchanging a word.


What’s New

Added a Privacy Policy!






Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap 1.1.0 Apk + Obb Data [Full Paid] for Android

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Apk is an Adventure game for android

Download latest version of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap v1.1.0 Apk + Obb Data [Full Paid] for Android 5.0 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by Dotemu

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Apk Description

Boasting beautiful, hand-drawn animations and a re-orchestrated soundtrack, the cult classic returns with a unique blend of exploration, action, and adventure!

Cursed into a half-human, half-lizard monstrosity by the Meka-Dragon, you are in search for a cure! The only way you can return to human form is to find the Salamander Cross, a magical item with the power to remove curses…

With each dragon slain, the curse intensifies, transforming you into different animals! Explore large, interconnected locations populated with grumpy monsters and exotic dragons!

Play as the game’s classic character, Hu-Man, or as his brand-new, long-awaited co-star Hu-Girl. You can also inhabit Lizard-Man, Mouse-Man, Piranha-Man, Lion-Man, and Hawk-Man, and use their unique abilities to uncover the land’s deepest secrets.

Enjoy 3 difficulty levels catering to players of all types, and switch from modern graphics and sound to 8-bit graphics/audio at any time – even during gameplay!


What’s New

Update 1.1.0






note: extract the zip and move or copy the obb data folder “com.dotemu.wonderboy.dragonstrap” to “internal storage/android/obb/”