Puzzledom 7.5.10 Mod Apk [Unlimited Coins] for Android

Puzzledom Mod Apk is a Puzzle game for android

Download latest version of Puzzledom v7.5.10 Mod Apk [Unlimited Coins] for Android 4.1 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by Metajoy

Puzzledom Apk Description

A Collection of
the best and most addictive logic puzzles
with minimalism graphics and unique level design!

“Puzzledom” merged best puzzles like Connect, Tangram, Shikaku, Fill, Plumber, Blocks, Number Link, Sudoku, Maze, Rolling Ball, One Stroke, Box, Rope, Lazors , Escape and even more which are easy to learn and fun to master into ONE game collection.
As a puzzle lover, you don’t need spending much time on searching new brain teasers any more. We will give you a ONE-STOP game experience from now on!

“Puzzledom” collection currently has:
★★ Connect ★★
Connect is a simple game involving connecting dots with same color. When you draw the lines, please make sure the lines don’t cross over each other. All the space should be filled.

★★ Blocks ★★
Blocks is a classic puzzle that you need to fill the entire board with different shapes of blocks. You just drag the right block, move it onto the board and match the right place. It’s a perfect logic game for brain training.

★★ Rolling Ball ★★
Rolling ball is a path guiding game that you need to slide the blocks to create a channel which makes the white ball move from the start point to the end point.

★★ Escape ★★
Escape is a well known game called Chinese Sliding-Block. The goal is moving the red block to the exit. This game will test your observation skills.

★★ MORE puzzles coming soon★★
We are now working hard on developing new challenging puzzle games. Puzzledom will be the king of brain teasers!

• Tons of manually designed levels
Over 8000 free levels inside and more funny levels are under development.

• Easy but Funny game play
We only put best puzzles inside which will make you can not stop once start playing.

• Minimalism graphics
The art design is simple but beautiful. It’s a game for all ages.

• Playing the game with your FRIENDS
We will support online rank list soon! You can challenge your friends by achievement and leader board.

• No time limit
Unlike match 3 games, puzzledom has no time limit. You can play it anytime even with no WIFI. You can use hints to unblock obstacles when you feel struggled in some levels.

Enjoy the game with your family 😉
If you have some good ideas about Puzzledom, please send us an email in the game!


What’s New

Bug fixes and improvements.
Thank you for playing Puzzledom!








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Battlelands Royale 1.7.4 Mod Apk [Critical Damage] for Android

Battlelands Royale Mod Apk is a shooter game for android

Download latest version of Battlelands Royale v1.7.4 Mod Apk [Critical Damage] for Android 4.1 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by Futureplay

Game Name: Battlelands Royale
Genre: Shooter
Developer Company: Futureplay
Current Version: 1.7.4
Last Update: June 27, 2019
File Size: 84 Mb
Store ID: com.futureplay.battleground
Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Battlelands Royale Apk Description


Fight for survival in an epic last man standing multiplayer battle royale – but not as you know it!

Made for mobile, Battlelands Royale is a casual gun game for everyone to enjoy. With 32 players and 3-5 minute battles it’s pure non-stop carnage! No waiting in lobbies; no complicated menus to navigate. Just play, parachute, loot, shoot and survive! ✊

Dominate the arena in Solo or join forces with fellow battlers in Duos. Choose your landing spot, drop in, loot weapons and armor and get ready for the fight of your life! Battle it out on a huge map with awesome locations like the Hideout, Ship, Maze and Trainyard. Or maybe you’ll hide away in Camper’s Paradise? Whatever your strategy, don’t get caught by the storm! ⚡

As you play you’ll unlock customized content like parachutes, emotes and special skins by gaining XP and levelling up. Get the Battle Pass for even more rewards and be the envy of your fellow battlers. Strike fear into your enemies with Rare and Legendary characters that will have them shaking in their boots and wishing they’d stayed at home!

With a variety of guns you can perfect your shooting skills and become the best battler in town. Will you choose the sniper, shotgun, rifle or pistol? Remember to race to supply drops to compete for the special minigun and bazooka!

Super simple controls, a fun and quirky art style and pick-up-and-play gameplay make Battlelands Royale the best free game on mobile that you won’t want to put down.

Battle Royale. On mobile. Done right. This is Battlelands Royale.


— Real-time fast-paced 32-PERSON BATTLES against players from all over the world!
— TEAM PLAY! Join forces with a Battle Buddy and conquer the arena together. No friends? No problem! You can play Random Duos too!
— MEGA REWARDS! Collect new characters, emotes, parachutes and Battle Flags as you level up.
— EXCLUSIVE BATTLE PASS CONTENT! Unlock the very best rewards and flaunt them in the arena with the Battle Pass.
— HUGE game map to explore. Parachute into your area of choice and control your landing.
— Tons of WEAPONS and ITEMS to loot, including armor and med kits!
— Race to SUPPLY DROPS to discover special rare weapons like bazookas and miniguns.
— SHRINKING play area. Stay clear of the storm!

Coming soon to Battlelands Royale:

— Loads more customization and awesome new characters
— Destructible environment! Blast your enemies’ cover
— More weapons
…and much, much more.

Are you ready? See you in Battlelands Royale. #LootShootSurvive.


What’s New

Season 6 is off to a flyer and we’re extending the party to 4th July! Here’s what’s new:

– GREAT UNCLE SAM! Celebrate US Independence Day with this very special limited-time bundle!
– DOUBLE XP FROM ADS! You told us you missed the double XP ad booster, so we brought it back!

See you in the arena!








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crit damage, the medicine pack can be full of blood

MadOut2 BigCityOnline 9.4 Mod Apk + Obb Data [Unlimited Money] for Android

MadOut2 BigCityOnline Mod Apk is a Racing game for android

Download latest version of MadOut2 BigCityOnline v9.4 Mod Apk + Obb Data [Unlimited Money] for Android 4.4 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by MadOut Games

MadOut2 BigCityOnline Apk Description

Number one mobile game with open world!

Online mode – up to 100 players on map
Real big territory 10 km2
Full open world
Nice car physics with distroctions
Differed car, over 40 types
Many differed mission
Crazy Russian cars

Download and – enjoy the game, Invite you friends!


What’s New

Added new 8 cars
First Person View
Fix bug – crash every 10 minuets










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Google Playstore Link

note: extract the zip and move or copy the obb data folder “com.MadOut.BIG” to “internal storage/android/obb/”

CHRONO TRIGGER (Upgrade Ver.) 2.0.4 Apk + Mod + Obb Data [Patched / Unlimited Money] for Android

CHRONO TRIGGER (Upgrade Ver.) Mod Apk is a Role Playing game for android

Download latest version of CHRONO TRIGGER (Upgrade Ver.) v2.0.4 Apk + Mod + Obb Data [Patched / Unlimited Money] for Android 4.2 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd.

CHRONO TRIGGER (Upgrade Ver.) Apk Description

The timeless RPG classic returns loaded with upgrades! Journey to the forgotten past, to the far future, and to the end of time. A big adventure to save the planet, now begins…

CHRONO TRIGGER is the timeless role-playing classic developed by the ‘Dream Team’ of DRAGON QUEST creator Yuji Horii, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, and the creators of FINAL FANTASY. As the story unfolds, embark on a journey to different eras: the present, the middle ages, the future, prehistory, and ancient times! Whether you’re a first-time player or a longtime fan, this epic quest to save a planet’s future promises hours of enthralling adventure!

As the definitive version of CHRONO TRIGGER, not only have the controls been updated, the graphics and sound have also been revamped to make your adventure even more fun and enjoyable to play. To complete your journey, also included is the mysterious ‘Dimensional Vortex’ dungeon and the forgotten ‘Lost Sanctum’ dungeon. Meet the challenges presented to you and long-lost secrets may be revealed…

A chance encounter amid the festivities of Guardia’s Millennial Fair in Leene Square introduces our young hero, Crono, to a girl by the name of Marle. Deciding to explore the fair together, the two soon find themselves at an exhibition of the Telepod, the latest invention by Crono’s longtime friend Lucca. Marle, fearless and brimming with curiosity, volunteers to assist in a demonstration. An unanticipated malfunction, however, sends her hurtling through a rift in the dimensions. Taking hold of the girl’s pendant, Crono bravely follows in pursuit. But the world into which he emerges is the one of four centuries before. Journey to the forgotten past, the distant future, and even to the very End of Time. The epic quest to save a planet’s future makes history once again.

Key features:

Active Time Battle Version 2
During battle, time will not stop, and you can enter commands when the character’s gauge is full. The enemies’ positions will change as time passes, so choose your actions based on any given situation.

‘Tech’ moves and combos
During battle, you can unleash special ‘Tech’ moves, including abilities and/or magic and characters can combine these abilities to unleash all new combo attacks which are unique to them. There are over 50 different types of combos that you can execute between two and three characters!

Experience the ‘Dimensional Vortex’ and the ‘Lost Sanctum’ dungeons
The Dimensional Vortex: a mysterious, ever-changing dungeon existing outside of space and time. What wonders await you at its center? The Lost Sanctum: enigmatic gates in prehistoric and medieval times will lead you to these forgotten chambers. Meet the challenges presented to you and long-lost secrets may be revealed…

Graphics and sound
While keeping the atmosphere of the original, the graphics have been updated in higher resolution. As for the sound and music, under the supervision of composer Yasunori Mitsuda, all songs have been updated for an even more immersive gameplay experience.

In addition to saving at a save point or choosing to quit from the menu, your progress is saved automatically while traversing the map.


What’s New

-Enemies can now be targeted by tapping, in addition to flicking/swiping, when using Techs that attack in a line or from a central point.

-Fixed instances where the game slowed down during certain scenes.






note: extract the zip and move or copy the obb data folder “com.square_enix.android_googleplay.chrono” to “internal storage/android/obb/”

Crown of the Empire Apk + Obb Data [Full Paid] 1.0 for Android

Crown of the Empire Apk is a Strategy game for android

Download latest version of Crown of the Empire Apk + Obb Data [Full Paid] v1.0 for Android 4.4 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by 8floor games ltd

Crown of the Empire Apk Description

The life of Elena, the first lady-in-waiting to Her Majesty, isn’t so much about balls, corsets and fancy hats as it is court intrigue, secret service and life-threatening covert operations for the good of the Empire. For example, Elena’s last mission was to safely recover stolen ancient relics. An unknown thief had ransacked the national museum and got away with the namesakes of the empire’s oldest rulers. A team of detectives picked up a trail that led across the border, but then disappeared. The Queen summoned Elena.
“The items stolen are of paramount value to the empire and crown,” she said in a slightly wavering voice. “We mustn’t lose them.”
“I understand, your Majesty,” Elena answered, knowing full well the trouble spent acquiring them, and how much they meant to the Queen personally.
“But announcing their disappearance would only complicate the matter, so you must carry out your duty in the strictest secrecy!” The queen continued, slowing down slightly towards the end, as if double-checking her plan as she laid it out. Then she leaned back in her chair and continued.
“You shall at once be sent abroad under the guise of an ambassador to carry out your investigation in secret. You must track down the perpetrator and force them to return what was stolen,” the Queen concluded in a stern, powerful tone, as if Elena herself was the culprit refusing to return the stolen relics.
Elena soon found herself on a top-secret covert mission of vital interest to the Crown. The first leg covered half the country by train, then on a steamboat across the bay, followed by another exhausting train ride in the neighboring country. Her first order of business upon arrival was notifying the local police of the missing valuables.
“Were the items stolen from your hotel or at the port?” Asked the chief of police, his moustache twitching like a walrus’.
“Neither,” Elena answered, trying to look disheveled and disoriented by the situation. “They were stolen on the boat, but I know for certain the culprit is still here.
“Hm…very well,” the officer let out with an air of authority. “We’ll get on the case at once, don’t you worry. There isn’t a criminal out there who can slip away from me…” He paused for some reason, almost as if pondering his own words, and after taking a deep breath, concluded at long last “…and escape.”
By evening, the list of suspects had been narrowed down to a few names. Elena asked the chief if she could accompany the detectives to identify the culprit, and he granted the victim permission. At first the detective team was far from excited about the idea of a civilian with no special training tagging along, but changed their tune after just a few hours. Elena was not only sharp as a tack, but was well-versed in the new deductive method, which helped her along the way solve five robberies, two murders and one case of destruction of property in the hotel. In the end, Elena and the detective team tracked down the artifact thief and were just waiting for the judge to sign the arrest warrant, when an urgent telegram came in from the Prime Minister with orders to meet that very night. She had no choice but to return home that very instant and put her operation on hold. What was it that happened in the palace that forced her to abandon her job and return immediately?

Join Elena on an unforgettable adventure through an alternate Victorian world across the endless Emperor Desert Valley, the green banks of the Nile, a volcanic island and more!

Will good conquer evil? Can Elena return the Crown of the Empire?
Get ready for:
– A unique alternate world full of wondrous machines and mysterious creations!
– An intriguing plot full of mystical twists and covert secrets.
– Vibrant graphics and fun animation.
– Enjoy more than 40 exciting levels in 4 different locations.
– 3 difficulty levels.
– Simple gameplay and easy-to-understand instructions.
– More than 20 hours of exciting gameplay for any age.


What’s New







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note: extract the zip and move or copy the obb data folder “com.eightfloor.crownoftheempire.premium.googleplay” to “internal storage/android/obb/”