Table Tennis Recrafted: Genesis Edition 2019 Apk [Full Paid] 1.02 for Android

Table Tennis Recrafted: Genesis Edition 2019 Apk is a Sports game for android

Download latest version of Table Tennis Recrafted: Genesis Edition 2019 Apk [Full Paid] v1.02 for Android 4.1 and up from with direct link developed by

Table Tennis Recrafted: Genesis Edition 2019 Apk Description

Table tennis is 10% luck, 40% skills and 50% determination of will.

Download and play Table Tennis Recrafted today!

1. A tournament experience

A brand new tournament experience created by an actual table tennis player. Scenes modelled after real tournament scenes.

2. Learn the correct skills

Play 7 practice modes and learn forehand top-spin, backhand top-spin and blocking!

Practise with multi-ball training in these modes:

a. Forehand-backhand swing
b. Forehand-middle-backhand
c. Step-around forehand
d. Random

3. Face off tough simulated A.I.

Play against 6 simulated world champions. Top spin rallies, side-spins, drop-shots, pendulum services, reverse-pendulum services, banana flick… You name it all!

4. Play with 3 different controls

Three controls are available. Auto mode for the casual player. Semi-auto for one who wants more control. Manual for professional table tennis players and coaches. Our honour if you play our game!

5. Challenge yourself to maximum hit counts

Mima Ito of the Japanese table tennis team is the current holder of maximum counter hits in a minute. She made 180 counter hits in a minute. Can you do 1/3 as good as her? Test yourself!

6. Unstoppable rallies

Unlike all other table tennis game you have ever played, this game has long rallies just like you’d see during the Olympic games. Enjoy!

7. Made by an actual table tennis player

This game is made by an actual table tennis player. Hopefully, you will share his love of table tennis.

8. ITTF Calendar

In-built in the game is an International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) calendar for world table tennis events. Follow tight and never miss a beat!

9. Save coaching fees

Private coaching fees are expensive. Save yourself thousands of dollars and practise table tennis inexpensively through this game! There couldn’t have been a better virtual training experience!


Homo Evolution: Human Origins 1.3.60 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] for Android

Homo Evolution: Human Origins Mod Apk is an Arcade game for android

Download latest version of Homo Evolution: Human Origins v1.3.60 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] for Android 4.1 and up from with direct link developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited

Homo Evolution: Human Origins Apk Description

Homo Evolution: Human Origins
Create your own little world and drive on human evolution. Merge two people and get a new, more modern life form, populating the planet with different creatures: from simple animals to diverse and unpredictable personalities.There are 4 ways to shape the world as humanity emerges:

Animal evolution, from the embryo to modern individuals!
The path from the ancient world to the first citizens!
A creative Bohemia, from poets to crazy party people!
Civilization with a degradation from natural to modified products!

There are also 8 stages of evolution:


Explore each branch to open the next.

You start in the BEGINNING world with a small lizard. By combining two creatures you create a new, more perfect being. By tapping the last two at this stage, you get access to a new, previously unknown world! Explore all the worlds in Homo Evolution: Human Origins!

Start creating your own world right now!


What’s New

– Bugs fixing


Tinker Island Mod Apk [Unlimited Gems] 1.4.75 for Android

Tinker Island  Mod Apk is an Adventure game for android

Download latest version of Tinker Island Mod Apk [Unlimited Gems] v1.4.75 for Android 4.2 and up from with direct link developed by Kongregate

Tinker Island  Apk Description

You’re cast away on a TROPICAL ISLAND. Become the leader of SURVIVORS in this lost PARADISE. Take them on an ADVENTURE of a lifetime – build a base, explore mysteries or forage treasures. Learn the art of crafting, foraging and exploring but keep in mind, there is never an idle moment in the everyday lives of the survivors.

⚓ ⚓ ⚓
FIGHT vicious enemies, tame savage beasts, kindle romance and solve RIDDLES. When the island SPEAKS to you, will you answer?

➾ Lead a band of island survivors using simple swipes
➾ Choose your own adventure and try to survive
➾ Explore a huge lush world
➾ Experience a talking island
➾ Fight many dangers that lurk behind every bush
➾ Forage resources to survive
➾ Build a base and upgrade structures
➾ Match, stack and collect flowers in a cool mini game
➾ Craft weapons and tools
➾ Discover a gripping storyline
➾ Uncover the terrible secret of Tinker Island


What’s New

– ads causing crashes for some users
– Facebook friends not refreshing properly
– Pyramid causing game to freeze sometimes
We’re working hard to make the game run as smooth as silk. This update brings it a step closer.



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Gurk III, the 8-bit RPG 1.22 Apk [Full Paid] for Android

Gurk III, the 8-bit RPG Apk is a Role Playing game for android

Download latest version of Gurk III, the 8-bit RPG v1.22 Apk [Full Paid] for Android 4.0 and up from with direct link developed by Larva Labs Ltd.

Gurk III, the 8-bit RPG Apk Description

The long-awaited sequel to the also-long-awaited sequel to the beloved 8-bit RPG has finally arrived! The third installment in the series is a bigger adventure than ever before, with loads of new monsters and items, many with unique effects and abilities. Character classes are better-differentiated and combat tactics are more subtle and interesting without sacrificing the hack’n’slash ethos that Gurk fans adore. The dedication to 8-bit culture remains fervent, with the complete 20-song soundtrack rendered with analog synth emulators that will evoke the classic sounds of the game systems of the 1980s. It’s all enough to justify the outrageously steep $2 price tag, so pay up and get Gurkin’!


What’s New

Fixes bugs that prevented Gurk III from working on latest AndroidOS versions. Gorlok’s back!


Hacker.exe – Mobile Hacking Simulator Apk [Full Paid] 1.5.5 for Android

Hacker.exe – Mobile Hacking Simulator Apk is a Simulation game for android

Download latest version of Hacker.exe – Mobile Hacking Simulator Apk [Full Paid] v1.5.5 for Android 4.1 and up from with direct link developed by L.U.G. (LinkUp Games)

Hacker.exe Apk Description


Hacker.exe is an atmospheric Survival Horror/Strategy/Simulation that puts you on the shoes of a hacker. Hacker.exe is a twist on the take of an exe game, adding a more unique mystery to the game genre while also being a horror/creepy point and click hacking simulator. Game mechanics such as tower defense strategies, puzzles, lore and quick time events are all present in the game. Your main goal is to solve the overarching puzzle of the game whilst trying to not get caught.

The NCD is an organization that swears to protect all of it’s user from hackers and viruses while they browse on the internet. Why is this a big deal? Most people have lost hope on using the internet after the World Wide Whipe Out, an event that nearly destroyed most of the information available on the internet. You have started this hacking career with no knowledge of your past and it is up to you to piece together all the clues and figure out why you are now a hacker. While you hack, you notice that the NCD, the same organization that was willing to protect it’s users is involved in criminalistic activity and helps many websites that sell illegal products thrive in this new age of technology. It is up to you to figure out why the NCD is doing all of this while you take on the most challenging and most strategical job offers out there as a hacker. Are you ready to take this challenge?

-Point and Click Adventure
-Jumpscares and Intense Mystery Puzzles
-Interactive Hacking Mechanisms
-Logical ways of finding the objectives
-Thrilling adventure
-Difficult Puzzles
-Elements of Surprise
-Limited Time

-This game may run slow on certain devices. For the best experience, check that there are not background applications running and that you have at least 3GB of ram.
-This is the full version of the game and contains many more levels and a complete story line.


What’s New

-Improved the perfomance of the game with a more managable texture swaps(should experience less to no lag for lower end devices)
-Improved the tutorial, making it clearer what you have to do
-Fixed some bugs regarding the shop and users complaining that they could not buy the console



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