Galaxy Warrior Classic 1.0.6 Apk + Mod + Obb Data [Unlimited Money] for Android

Galaxy Warrior Classic Mod Apk is an Arcade game for android

Download latest version of Galaxy Warrior Classic v1.0.6 Apk + Mod + Obb Data [Unlimited Money] for Android 6.0 and up from with direct link developed by SHMUP HOLIC

Galaxy Warrior Classic Apk Description

☆ Galaxy Warrior Classic has no Ads.

Galaxy Warrior is a modern space shooter game with spectacular 3D graphics and effects. Guide your ship through the vastness of space destroying menacing aliens and powerful bosses.

It would seem that there is nothing to discover in the Solar System. But in the most remote corners of the Universe mankind has come up against cruel resistance. You are the only one who can save the galaxy from an alien race of invaders!

【Main Features】

Classic Shoot ’em up Gameplay. Galaxy Warrior features a modern take on the classic vertical shoot’em up genre, where you control a space ship and shoot at incoming alien ships. Easy one-finger game control.

Impressive Graphics. Breathtaking graphics depicting a futuristic space-themed 3D world with outstanding visual effects. Fight against menacing looking powerful Bosses while enjoying stunning artsy graphics.

Dynamic Effects. The game has accelerometer support, slow motion WOW effects and tons of amazing explosions, lighting and post effects. Coupled with dynamic mechanics, you’re in for a perfect shmup gaming experience.

Support the full screen playing. Choose the full screen aspect ratio option on the device system settings menu.


What’s New

Small fixes


note: extract the zip and move or copy the obb data folder “com.shmup.galaxywarrior.paid” to “internal storage/android/obb/”

The Word Is Not The Thing 1.0.1 Apk [Full Paid] for Android

The Word Is Not The Thing Apk is an Arcade game for android

Download latest version of The Word Is Not The Thing v1.0.1 Apk [Full Paid] for Android 4.1 and up from with direct link developed by Mavenmob

The Word Is Not The Thing Apk Description

An experimental indie game where you play with your emotions, seeing if you use words to escape from a feeling.

View the trailer at

While exploring fear, your relationship to words, and the emotional effect they have on you, discover what happens when you understand that the word is never the thing.

It’s not so much about jumping and shooting as it is about you observing your own emotional connection to words and playing with those emotions, seeing if you use words to escape from a feeling.

It’s a unique game of exploration and discovery through the human condition, using your emotional connection to words as a mechanic in itself.

Inspired by the 20th century philosopher J. Krishnamurti, whose subject matter included psychological revolution, the nature of mind, meditation, inquiry and human relationships.

Interact with the environment, paintings and other characters through a story that unfolds over 3 days and five locations: the home, the commute, the office, nature, and the self.

The Word Is Not The Thing goes into separating the word from the feeling, allowing us to discover for ourselves what happens when we don’t let the word interfere with the direct perception of the feeling. Not rejecting the word, or suppressing it, but seeing its effect. Not running away with explanations, or with another set of words. Seeing that escape. And doing nothing about it. Not just saying you get it, but actually doing it.

Emotionality is the difficulty; the words get harder to deal with depending on your emotional connection to any given word. Choose to go inside yourself and go up against your core fear.


– Experimental indie game, where emotions are the mechanic.
– Minimalistic black and white world to explore with emotions driven through words.
– Find, discover and remove words, seeing if you use words to escape from feelings.
– An emotional dark synthwave-inspired soundtrack.
– A story unfolding over 3 days through 5 areas, the home, the commute, the office, nature and yourself.
– Designed to be finished in a single session with the total time to play through the game being 45 to 60 minutes.


What’s New

Bug Fix



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BlastZone 2: Arcade Shooter Apk [Full Paid] for Android

BlastZone 2: Arcade Shooter Apk is an Arcade game for android

Download latest version of BlastZone 2: Arcade Shooter v1.29.3.3 Apk [Full Paid] for Android 2.3.3 and up from with direct link developed by Matt Edzenga

BlastZone 2: Arcade Shooter Apk Description

BlastZone 2 is an action packed 3D side scrolling arcade shooter(shmup/space shooter) with fast paced cinematic combat, super weapons, and big bosses!

** Play All 6 Game Modes **
* Mission Mode – A 35 minute long, 8 mission cinematic experience with hundreds of unique hand animated enemies and big bosses. Includes unique 3D gameplay mechanics and a 2nd person shooter area!

* BlastZone 1 – Recreation of the original TI-85 game; a simple “defend the base” style game

* Classic A Mode – A greatly enhanced version of BlastZone 1; a “defend the base” style game with beam weapons and a points chain system. Destroy all enemies before they pass your ship or it is game over.

* Classic B Mode – Similar to Classic A, but with a points pool system; every action either adds to or subtracts from the points value and the player needs to stop the game at the right point to get a high score. The game keeps getting tougher; get too cocky and you could lose it all!

* Survival Mode – Similar control scheme to Mission Mode, but with infinitely generated levels and a unique multiplier scoring system that depends on skill shots to get the best score.

* Blitz Mode – Similar to Survival Mode, but massively increases the number of enemies on screen and gives you a fully powered ship from the start to combat them. The key to this mode is to maintain hyper power to keep those weapons powered; running out of energy can mean certain death from the large swarms of enemies!

*Additional Features include:
-Cooperative multiplayer support via Bluetooth or locally when 2 gamepads are connected
-2D controls, but with hazards and gameplay elements moving around in full 3D space
-Amazing OpenGL 3D graphics that scales to any size screen
-Difficulty levels designed for new players up to genre veterans so everyone can have fun
-4 expansive game play environments, such as mountains, caves, and outer space
-7 selectable ships, each with unique play styles, weapons, and abilities
-15 weapon types and variations of them including beams, charge shots, and explosives
-Hundreds of different enemy types, each with different behaviors and stats
-A Turbo mode for each of the survival modes for experienced gamers
-World Leaderboard support for every game mode
-Supports MOGA and generic gamepads
-Additional content and features to be released for free

*Exclusive mobile features:
-New control schemes: classic D-Pad, relative touch positioning, and direct touch positioning
-Can’t play through the whole game in one sitting? Your progress is automatically saved when you quit so you can resume it later!
-Amazing OpenGL 3D graphics to show off your Android device!
-Battery Saver mode


What’s New

-Improved specular lighting
-Reduced boss hull damage
-Fixed a rare crash bug
-Fixed gamepad config



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Pulsator 1.07 Apk [Full Paid] for Android

Pulsator Apk is an Arcade game for android

Download latest version of Pulsator v1.07 Apk [Full Paid] for Android 4.1 and up from with direct link developed by SaucyGames

Pulsator Apk Description

Dodge and weave through endless obstacles collecting points to unlock up to 8 game changing power ups customizing the gameplay to your needs.


What’s New

Release 1.07:
Online highscores added
3 character usernames added

Release 1.03:
Soundtrack functionality update
UI bug fixes and updates
Speedboost cool down bug fix
Unicorn balancing



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Wings of Virtus 1.188 Apk [Full Paid] for Android

Wings of Virtus Apk is an Arcade game for android

Download latest version of Wings of Virtus v1.188 Apk [Full Paid] for Android 6.0 and up from with direct link developed by Ragiva Games

Wings of Virtus Apk Description

Pilot, fasten your seatbelts and defend the skyline against the enemy intruder! Send the alien motherships back to the galaxy they came from! The Terran Commonwealth is under attack by an aggressive alien species!

Wings of Virtus is a classic shoot-em-up with retro gameboy visuals and gameplay.

🎮 Destroy countless alienspace ships
🎮 Create phase barriers in front of your ship that block incoming shots and amp your outgoing fire
🎮 Straight and pure action gameplay: No in-game shops, no grinding, no rubbish – pure arcade skill counts!
🎮 Equip your ship on the fly by collecting powerups
🎮 Lose them all if you get hit once
🎮 Beat 12 challenging levels
🎮 Unlock the expert mode and prove yourself once and for all
🎮 Defend the city against the huge alien motherships
🎮 Enjoy fantastic sound effects and the orchestral soundtrack

The wings of virtus await, pilot!


What’s New

Fixed a bug in the boss AI.



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