Quadropoly Academy Apk [Full Paid] 1.55.5 for Android

Quadropoly Academy Apk is a Board game for android

Download latest version of Quadropoly Academy Apk [Full Paid] v1.55.5 for Android 4.4 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by Clever Mind Games

Quadropoly Academy Apk Description

This is a Classic Property Trading Game with hundreds customisation options supercharged with Artificial Intelligence trained on real games with professional players. Download and enroll into Quadropoly Academy today!

With this Classic Property Trading Game you will be able to learn how to play on professional level and compete in International Tournaments by playing with state of the art AI trained with Machine Learning. Unique and exclusive AI Advice feature would guide you through your learning journey. With Roll Your Own Dice feature you will see the winner is decided not by the Dice and luck, but your skill and strategy.

Artificial Intelligence in Quadropoly has been training on a vast collection of real games for 2.5 years and counting. AI becomes better with every player who could achieve at least 40% winrate on Monopolist or 30% on Champion difficulty levels.

🎯 First real Artificial Intelligence for Classic Business Board game, third after Deep Blue for Chess and AlphaGo for Go
📇 Support for all official rules by the book
🎻 Support for majority of house rules
🎓 AI advice at any moment in game to speed up your learning
🎭 Every single AI in every game is unique and has its own personality which defines its risk taking or risk averse tendencies as well as the attitude towards property. AIs are great at imitating real people: they could be annoyed, desperate and greedy as well as ‘feel’ a range of other emotions
🎲 Optional External Dice feature
🌠 Variable game speed
💾 100% data integrity
🏆 Detailed Account information with statistics, custom built leaderboards and challenges
🆕 Frequent updates with new features: http://quadropoly.com.au/app-releases/
📠 Full anonymous logs (5-8Kb per game) are uploaded to the Cloud for Machine Learning
❕ Learn about differences between AI levels through in-game help


What’s New

🎈🎈 Events with unique bonuses added when sitting in Prison! Can be disabled by clicking on Prison or Free Parking
⚖ AI trading system improved
🎽 Close to default starting parameters will now be scored for Champion level games
✈️ Performance optimisations and UI tweaks
🎩 AI version updated to 305







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СASHFLOW Apk [Full Paid] 1064 for Android

СASHFLOW Apk is a Board game for android

Download latest version of СASHFLOW Apk [Full Paid] v1064 for Android 4.0 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by Torn Screen Entertainment

СASHFLOW Apk Description

Craft your financial strategy to get out of the Rat Race using real estate, business, the stock market and master CASHFLOW – The Investing Game!
Based on the original board game by Robert Kiyosaki, hone your financial strategy and claw your way out of the Rat Race to build your CASHFLOW Empire and claim dominion over the realm (realm being your living room)!
Begin CASHFLOW in the Rat Race working in a variety of professions while you implement your investment strategy to become the next business or real estate mogul. Avoid the pitfalls of bad deals, friends asking for handouts, lawsuits, and getting laid off from your job. Fine-tune your investment strategies now. Your ability to impress the world with your financial prowess will be coming soon.

The game is available only in English.


What’s New

– added autosave feature








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Constantinople Board Game Apk [Full Paid] 1.3 for Android

Constantinople Board Game Apk is a Board game for android

Download latest version of Constantinople Board Game Apk [Full Paid] v1.3 for Android 2.2 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by Boardnaut Studios

Constantinople Board Game Apk Description

Constantinople is a solitaire historical wargame covering the millennium-long history of the Byzantine empire, from the foundation of Constantinople in AD330 until its fall in AD1453. You will use military might as well as diplomacy and outright bribery to keep the many opposing forces at bay for as long as possible. Can you outlive the historic Byzantine empire, or will your efforts be relegated to an obscure footnote in the history books?

Constantinople is not a highly detailed, historically accurate simulation of the history of the Byzantine Empire, but is historically based and gives a sense of the real situation of the Byzantine Empire throughout its existence, and provides some insights into the history surrounding Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire.

App is optimized for phones but playable on tablets (just bigger).


What’s New

– allow to monuments to go over 6 to unstuck game when players are super successful
– other minor fixes and updates








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Burgle Bros Apk [Full Paid] 1.24 for Android

Burgle Bros Apk is a Board game for android

Download latest version of Burgle Bros Apk [Full Paid] v1.24 for Android 4.1 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by Fowers Games

Burgle Bros Apk Description

Burgle Bros requires stealth, planning and a little bit of luck. In the tradition of classic heist movies like Ocean’s 11 and The Italian Job, you assemble your crew, make a plan, and pull off the impossible.
Push your luck or play it safe – your decisions impact everyone on your team.

Choose from a cast of characters with unique powers.

Be sneaky – Find clever solutions to get out of sticky situations.

Rogue-like – each game is a unique dynamic puzzle.

Swap floors and think in 3 dimensions to evade the guards

Use cool tools like a Smokebomb, EMP – even Donuts!

More missions coming soon!


What’s New

Fixed the Game from failing to start on some phones.






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Mahjong City Tours Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] 23.2.0 for Android

Mahjong City Tours Mod Apk is a Board game for android

Download latest version of Mahjong City Tours Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] v23.2.0 for Android 4.1 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by 231 Play

Mahjong City Tours Apk Description

Discover the most relaxing mix of classic mahjong and new puzzles and enjoy over 1700 fun layouts in a fantastic journey around the globe!

If you love puzzle, strategy, memory, and brain training challenges, you’ll love Majong!

The innovative new version of Mahjong Solitaire. Explore the world’s best cities as you tackle challenging riddles. Power-ups and obstacles provide an unexpected twist to every level. And don’t forget to collect your rewards.


▶ Enjoy 1700+ fun levels in a fantastic journey around the globe.
▶ Go on a treasure quest and find over 250 rare souvenirs.
▶ Stunning graphics and original mahjong gameplay.
▶ Claim your rewards in the weekly tournaments and quests.
▶ Collect beautiful tile sets for endless tile matching adventures.

More highlights:

▶ New goals, power-ups, and obstacles give Mahjongg a whole new twist.
▶ Play with others and enjoy your Mahjong journey together.
▶ Great fit if you love solitaire, tripeaks, jigsaw puzzles, mayong, word search and other ‘smart games’.
▶ Play offline on your flights and trips.
▶ Playing with others does not require Facebook Login.
▶ Mahjong free with regular game updates.
▶ Caring player support and best community.

Can you beat level all levels? Play and relax!


What’s New

Let’s travel to Budapest, the capital of Hungary at the Danube river. A dramatic history and stunning architecture captivates city adventurers who visits the ‘Queen of the Danube’. Play 60 new levels and relax








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