God of Stickman 3 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] 1.5.7 for Android

God of Stickman 3 Mod Apk is a Fighting game for android

Download latest version of God of Stickman 3 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] v1.5.7 for Android 4.0.3 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by W N Yume

God of Stickman 3 Apk Description

– If you love stickman, Saiyanz Z and Xaydaz fighting type of game then this game is the right choice for you with its great graphics and challenging gameplay.

– Enter into the arena and fight for the survival. If you love playing games then this is the game which will amaze you with the swift handling and amazing features.

– God of stickman 3 was inspired by “Saiyanz battle Z” promises to do the most exciting games in this genre.

– God of stickman 3 is a fun game for the fans of ” Stickman Saiyanz ” stick fighting .

It is totally free. Let’s enjoy!

How to play God of Stickman 3 :

Kill bosses (Hitz, Jirenz, Zamasuz, Black Gokuz, piccolo, frieza….) and collect balls


– Easy and Simple to play
– Cool transform effect
– Cool skill design and effect
– Cool transform Saiyanz
– New character.
– 25 levels Saiyan and 3 saiyan-jins
– Ultra instinct


What’s New

***** Version 1.5.6 – part 2 *****

V 1.57:
– Fix Video Ads.
– New effects.

* New Characters:
– Bloly.
– Fusion Gota.
– Golden Jjren.

* Add new Bosses:

– Full God destruction.

* Add “NEW” Challenge.
* Remove Shield

– Big version 1.6.0 part -3 update soon with new character, new boss, new skill, more effect…








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Stick Shadow: War Fight Mod Apk [Unlimited Money / Unlocked] 1.3.4 for Android

Stick Shadow: War Fight  Mod Apk is a Fighting game for android

Download latest version of Stick Shadow: War Fight Mod Apk [Unlimited Money / Unlocked] v1.3.4 for Android 4.2 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by Reed Been

Stick Shadow: War Fight  Apk Description

Stick Shadow fighter are those trained in the art of destroying their foes with devastating blows and stickman powerful ki SSJ attacks.
When making a Stick Shadow fighter dbz, think about how you grew up. Were you trained since childhood to be a fighter? Or do you have other interests mixed into your life? Think about what goals you would have. Do you want to become powerful to gain something, protect someone, or do you just want to fight strong opponents?
Addictive gameplay z fighters, a thumping soundtrack to the fighter with Stickman super saiyan action on a grand scale warriors

– Collect over 20 characters SSJ with unique fight dbz styles
– Upgrade and unlock over 20 unique special moves for each fighter
– Stick Fighter super saiyan has the most basic control ever!
– High-quality graphics! Stunning special effects! Stickman saiya fight ssj present you the best gaming experience!


What’s New

– Add daily reward feature
– Many bugs fixes
– Discount characters’ price








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Tiny Gladiators Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] 2.2.4 for Android

Tiny Gladiators Mod Apk is a Fighting game for android

Download latest version of Tiny Gladiators – Fighting Tournament Mod Apk [Unlimited Money] v2.2.4 for Android 4.1 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link developed by BoomBit Games

Tiny Gladiators Apk Description

Tiny Gladiators is an action-packed RPG Fighting Game, combining virtual worlds, animated characters and high adrenaline fighting! Join the excitement of real-time PvP games, the gladiator-game fun and knock out your opponents!

Begin your fighting game journey as you battle for glory, fight against powerful enemies and discover new virtual worlds. Watch out! Your opponents will become larger at the end of every stage in this unique action RPG game. Crush your enemies in this dynamic skill based fighting game using unique sets of armor and weapons. Pick from 4 different virtual character classes in this one of a kind PvP online game.

Upgrade Your Virtual Character

Learn powerful new combat skills but also gear up to protect yourself in this fantasy RPG game. While most RPG games are limited in animated character options, Tiny Gladiators features a wide variety of outfits, skills and many unique pieces of weapons and armor including medieval weapons. These and more can be used for protection or to launch attacks on your enemies!

Single Player Story or Multiplayer Game Options!

Shift into your street fighter mode and start Tiny Gladiators’ fighting game! You will go on fun and exciting single player challenges. Once you complete the single player mode you can battle friends or other players around you. Bring your best items, prepare your deadliest abilities and rise in the global ranks of Tiny Gladiators’ top fighters in this high adrenaline multiplayer RPG!

Step into the Survival Tower if you dare and Battle for Glory!!

In the virtual world of the tower, you will find the greatest dangers in the game. Strap on your survival gear and try to make it long enough in the tower by defeating multiple enemies in a row! Each player gets one free pass to the Survival Tower, after that you will need to use your in-game earnings – Take high-risks and earn high rewards in this one of a kind combination between RPG games and fighting games!








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Mayhem Combat 1.5.5 Mod Apk + Obb Data [Unlimited Money] for Android

Mayhem Combat Mod Apk is a fighting game for android

Download latest version of Mayhem Combat v1.5.5 Mod Apk + Obb Data [Unlimited Money] for Android 5.0 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link

Game Name: Mayhem Combat
Genre: Fighting
Developer Company: Vivid Games S.A.
Current Version: 1.5.5
Last Update: October 22, 2018
File Size: 33 Mb / 131 Mb
Store ID: com.vividgames.metalfist
Requires Android: 5.0 and up

Mayhem Combat Apk Description

Power Soccer season is open! In this brand new 1vs1 mode, your goal is to kick or punch a football straight into your opponent’s goal. Use the full extent of your combos and your entire arsenal, aim true, and score! The only limit in this new high-intensity sport is time: 2 minutes. 2 minutes is all you will need to defeat your rivals and harness the power of Power Soccer.

Fighting games fan?

Bring the power of Mayhem Combat to your mobile gaming device and dominate the Urban Arena in one of the best online multiplayer fighting games on Google Play.
Mayhem Combat delivers exciting multiplayer fighting action with new-age graphics and epic boxing game elements. Combat fighters in the street, fly like a ninja and punch’em like a brawler!

The Urban Playground is your go-to place to smash your opponents! Master electricity, ice and fire and unleash your inner street fighter!
Revel in superb action-game features:

Fight for urban domination in one of the best real-time multiplayer PVP games! Beat up your friends (or random strangers) with rage and fury! Show your opponents who’s the boss, win coins and unlock epic characters!

Only the strongest survive in this multiplayer online battle arena! On your quest to Get ENERGIZED, you’ll have to deal with some adrenaline pumping activities like dodging oncoming traffic and speeding subways and avoiding explosive gas pipes. Not your ordinary arcade fighting game – Wield crazy weapons and navigate interactive stages in this intense platform fighting game.

Get ready for a killer graphics experience! Mayhem Combat’s unique art and cutting-edge visuals are powered by Unreal Engine 4 technology! Any 2.5D platformer will go nuts! Our explosions are so awesome, guys- look at them instead of boring family photos!

Touch-Based Control System – Exclusively-developed for mobile devices so you can maximize your touch and swipe skills, you’ll be able to perform epic fighting combos seamlessly – so no need to practice a shadow fight in front of the mirror. You’ll be like – OMG, these must be the best touch controls seen in a fighting game EVER!”

Collect and unlock cards to power-up your weapons. Use elemental weapons infused with the powers of fire, ice and electricity to put the odds in your favor. Level up your fighters to upgrade their stats and unlock their full potential!

Leave other boring MOBA games to the kids – prove you’re a force to be reckoned with and join the most unique urban fight club now!


What’s New

– Power Soccer is here! Use your weapon to smash the ball straight into the goal. 1vs1, 2 minutes, no score limit, skill only, final destination!
– Achievement unlocked: you have unlocked the ability to unlock achievements. Unlock.
– Find hot fighters in your area: the multiplayer lobby now features an activity feed, an active players list and you direct invites to challenge players of your choice.









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note: extract the zip and move or copy the obb data folder “com.vividgames.metalfist” to “internal storage/android/obb/”

Realtech Iron Fist Boxing v5.6.1 Apk + Obb Data [Full Paid] for Android

Realtech Iron Fist Boxing Apk is a fighting game for android

Download latest version of Realtech Iron Fist Boxing 5.6.1 Apk + Obb Data [Full Paid] for Android 4.1 and up from androidlegends.xyz with direct link

Game Name: Realtech Iron Fist Boxing
Genre: Fighting
Developer Company: Realtech VR
Current Version: 5.6.1
Last Update: October 30, 2018
File Size: 7 Mb / 55 Mb
Store ID: com.realtechvr.ironfist
Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Realtech Iron Fist Boxing Apk Description

IRON FIST BOXING is the original real-time 3D MMA fighting game on Android. With a totally revamped input system, a longer career mode, more game modes, and more characters than ever.

Today, you’ve decided to take your fighting career to a new level. Training hard for the World circuit, your arms ache as you pummel the punching bag, building the muscles, focus and technique that you’ll need to win.

Nothing and no one else exists in this moment, it’s just you and the sound of your gloves slapping the bag. You’re going to be the next champ if it kills you. And it might.

Iron Fist Boxing is the original, real-time 3D MMA fighting app. Don’t be fooled by imitations, if you want authentic, heart-racing action, incredible next generation graphics and the absolute ultimate in gaming challenge.

This application pushes the envelope, offering you six different game modes: It’s non-stop action, all the way, as you train, spar with a friend or live out your fantasy fight career.

You’ll experience high quality audio and real-time 3D graphics that have never been seen before.
Regardless of which device you’re using, the camera views are spectacular and your screen, with its easy multitouch controls, may give you an unfair advantage over your virtual opponent.

There are 32! characters for you to fight in this fast-action game. They all have MMA combat styles and are not above throwing in a few other disciplines to take you down: Boxing, Muay Thai, Savate, Kick Boxing, Brawler and Full Contact.

You’ve got your work cut out for you, if you want to claim the title, better start training now. To help you out, the app features many super moves and dodges.

Game Features:
• Enjoy 6 game modes: Story mode, sparring, training and introducing the Speed Bag training, Punching Bag training and Punch-o-Meter.
• Story mode: Experience a new world career in Brazil, Canada, Thailand, and USA.
• Training mode: Train yourself for the Story mode.
• Speed bag mode: Hit a speed bag as fast as you can.
• Punching bag: Hit a punching bag in a given same sequence.
• Punch-o-Meter: Hold you phone and hit as hard as you can with accelerometer
• Sparring mode: Fight against a random fighter.
• Play up to 32 characters with MMA combat styles and more: Boxing, Muay Thai, Savate, Kick Boxing, Brawler and Full Contact.
• Gain access to new costumes and new attacks.
• New camera views, characters can now move on the ring, many super moves and dodges added.

Are you ready to fight? Join the vanguard of fighters now!


What’s New

Thanks for playing Iron Fist Boxing Lite: This update adds native support for 64-bit mobile, reduced violence graphics and other bug fixes and improvements.









note: extract the zip and move or copy the obb data folder “com.realtechvr.ironfist” to “internal storage/android/obb/”