Car Parking Multiplayer 4.7.0 Apk Mod + OBB Data Unlimited Money Unlocked Cars

Car Parking Multiplayer v4.7.0 Apk Mod + OBB Data Unlimited Money Unlocked Cars

Car Parking Multiplayer – classic car Parking simulator with multiplayer mode. Like all representatives of the genre, this game offers the players to demonstrate their skills of driving a car, as well as the ability to correctly and without incident to Park the car. The player will have dozens of exciting levels designed specifically for multiplayer confrontations. Also gamers will be pleased to hear that at their disposal to appear fifty of the coolest cars. Besides, you can communicate with friends through special chat.

Today, cars have become one of the most popular vehicles of the species. People because it is convenient for moving. We can see that in the city, people go by car very much, so they have a problem that makes many people have a headache. That’s precisely how parking is done. Car Parking Multiplayer is an exciting simulation game, giving players a fun experience about this modern-day problem.

More than just parking

Car Parking Multiplayer has achieved more than 1 million downloads on Google Play and proves for players to see their attraction. The olzhass publisher has also received a lot of success with this genre. Game publishers come from Kazakhstaff only focus on producing one type of game. You can find at least 4 games on car topics. In general, focusing on such content will bring the highest quality of service to the player. They also have an Instagram account to update their latest information with more than 200,000 followers. If you like them, you can go to that account to follow.

Open-world multiplayer mode, car tuning, free walking!

Since it is a simulation game, the graphics of Car Parking Multiplayer will definitely have to be designed in the best way. First, it will be a full 3D game so players can experience all the sensations that cars take a car to park in a certain place. All the movements of the smallest car can be adapted in detail with beautiful and varied shooting angles. Although cars do not have to buy image rights from well-known brands, it also offers a certain amount of richness for players. They will be chosen at least 50 types of cars with many beautiful models and different quality. Obviously, each class will have shapes and designs that are not the same at all, to serve different purposes in life. So controlling each type of vehicle will bring a different feeling to the player. Besides, the racing mode will also bring about different experiences.


First, just look at the game name, and you understand how it is played. Car Parking Multiplayer will require players to control a car and park in the right place. The place where you have to drive the vehicle is marked with a yellow rectangle, depending on the size of each vehicle. Players will have to drive their vehicles and park correctly in that place carefully. If you can complete it perfectly, you will get maximum points. If the parking process is a bit misleading, the score will be deducted depending on the mistake you have made. In addition to the basic game mode, the game also mentions Racing Mode where players will be satisfied with their speed. They will be allowed to drive the station without being careful as before.

The request this time is to get it fast and get there soonest, not driving carefully and perfectly. Besides, players can change accessories and parts of the car to make it more beautiful and powerful. Earn money, quickly buy new accessories such as wheels, motors, and change the color of the car. Generally, there are many things for you to customize.


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