Card Crusade 4.2 (Paid) Apk

Card Crusade v4.2 (Paid) Apk

Card Crusade v4.2 (Paid)
Requirements: 4.1
Overview: This is an early access release. We will be creating and releasing additional content over the next several months. Please enjoy and give us your feedback!


Card Crusade is a roguelike deck building game inspired by Pixel Dungeon and Slay the Spire. Unlock eight different character classes as you explore the ten floors of a winding dungeon. Assemble your experiment to unleash unstoppable combos on your enemies. Fight monsters, gain experience, and level up your character to defeat the final boss and become the Card Crusader!

What’s New:
Added Glory levels! After you’ve beaten the base game, play again with additional difficulty modifiers for extra challenge and, of course, more glory.

Also added ability to view details of others’ runs on the leaderboards menu.

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x64 // SAI


250+ Solitaire Collection v4.13.3 [Mod] Apk

250+ Solitaire Collection 4.13.3 [Mod] Apk

250+ Solitaire Collection v4.13.3 [Mod]
Requirements: Android: 4.1+
Overview: “250+ Solitaire Collection” is a collection of 253 solitaire games.

Image Image

The collection contains favorite solitaire games such as Freecell, Klondike, Canfield, and others, as well as a lot of original games. The list of solitaire games contains about 15 patience types. They are Scorpion, Joker Type, Pyramid patience, Blockade, Carpet Type and so on.

You can play popular solitaire games like Algerian patience, Golf patience, Yukon solitaire, solitaire Royal Secrets or create your own custom card games. Use search to find a patience you love, i.e. Solitaire New York, patience deluxe, Solitaire classic, tri-peaks and others. Then choose your ultimate solitaire, add it to Favorites and get quick access to favorite patience card games free.

This free solitaire app has a text description of rules for each patience game. Rules describe a game purpose, foundation and tableau piles, stock regulations and placement. You can also view playing card games demo with a step-by-step solitaire guide. So trying new solitaire games will never be a challenge again.

If you are a board games fun, you’ll love application settings agility. It can be customized for any kind of card player. You are able to set common game options, animation, game table background, cards style and their back view. A player can manage the application visual theme, sound scheme, and language. Backup functionality added to make your patience game stable, calm and pleasant on phones and pads

Version 2.0 adds the ability to change the rules of most solitaire games.
Version 3.0 adds the ability to create new solitaire game of types: Freecell, Klondike, Algerian Patience, Scorpion, Canfield, Pyramid and Golf.

For each game, there is a description of the rules and demonstration.

The program requires Android 4.0 or higher. This collection gives you solitaire no wifi needed.

What’s New
Added button to hide game preview
Bug fixing

Premium/AdFree Unlocked

Download Instructions: credit cergor


The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game 1.2.4 + Mod Apk

The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game v1.2.4 + Mod Apk

The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game v1.2.4 + Mod
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Play Harry Dresden and his friends as they take on the cases from the bestselling Dresden Files novels in the ultimate what-if scenario—what if Harry was on the scene with allies who weren’t there in the original story?


The core game includes Harry, Murphy, Susan, Michael, and the Alphas and plays through the first five novels as well as Side Jobs, a random scenario generator based on the short story collection of the same name. Designs are already well underway for expansions featuring more series characters and more novels.

What’s New:
Fixes an error with expansion purchases sometimes being incorrectly consumed.
x86 devices are no longer natively supported in order to comply with new store requirements.

Download Instructions:


Mod All DLC Purchased


The Arcana – A Mystic Romance 1.71 (Mod) Apk

The Arcana – A Mystic Romance v1.71 (Mod) Apk

The Arcana – A Mystic Romance v1.71 (Mod)
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: Make choices through an epic romance/mystery game. Romance your favorite characters, or choose one of them to give you a tarot reading from a variety of enticing choices.


You are a prodigy of the magical arts, left to your own devices by your wandering mentor. Make choices that shape your story as you fall headfirst into a whirlwind adventure, filled with a colorful cast of characters who all have one thing in common: their interest in you.

Delve deep into the heart of intrigue, and uncover a murder mystery that still hangs over the city like a shroud.

Be careful what secrets you reveal and what choices you make… yours is not the only fate that hangs in the balance. Magic, romance and mystery await. Who will you choose to love and who will you choose to condemn? How will your story unravel?

The Arcana is a luxurious and interactive visual story and otome inspired dating sim. It also offers a variety of mystic Tarot readings from your choice of favorite characters. You can choose your own romance, story, and date your choice of characters. The mystery unfurls in 22 books (or episodes) that correspond to the 22 Major Arcana cards in Tarot.

Inside The Arcana, a player in search of love, romance, magic, mystery and Tarot readings can:

– indulge in a romance with a character of your choice (or romance them all!)
– make choices through an otome-inspired, interactive murder mystery story
– choose your own pronouns and be whoever you want to be
– play a dating sim with a twist
– enjoy your choice of mystic Tarot readings (general life, love, career and happiness): choose your cards and learn what mysteries they reveal
– fall in love…

What’s New:
We’ve started a new route: Portia’s Book 6 “The Lovers” is here! Now you can choose to romance Portia! In her first book, “The Lovers,” Portia takes you on a ghostly adventure.

Download Instructions: Mod Money


Mystic Vale 3.0.4 (Paid) Apk

Mystic Vale v3.0.4 (Paid) Apk

Mystic Vale v3.0.4 (Paid)
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: A curse has been placed on the Valley of Life. Hearing the spirits of nature cry out for aid, clans of druids have arrived, determined to use their blessings to heal the land and rescue the spirits. It will require courage and also caution, as the curse can overwhelm the careless who wield too much power.


Mystic Vale is a deck-building card game, in which players take on the role of druidic clans trying to cleanse the curse upon the land. Each turn, you play cards into your field to gain powerful advancements and useful vale cards. Use your power wisely, or decay will end your turn prematurely. Score the most victory points to win the game!

● Innovative Card Crafting System creates a game experience like you’ve never played before!
● Beautiful artwork and graphics that bring the game to life.
● Concise rules offer a deep gaming experience with meaningful decisions.
● Tremendous replay value that will increase with future expansions.

What’s New:
Pridelord not being counted towards the final score on the Results screen
Using Silver Tree to discard a Card from your Field during the Harvest Phase causing you to lose the resources harvested from that Card
Hang when Borderwatch Bog’s ability is triggered in a local multiplayer game
Fixed an issue in the Amulet tutorial with the Evoke button being overlapped by a message box
The rightmost Vale card in your field should no longer be partially obscured by the buttons