Delight Games (Premium) 11.2 Apk [Full Paid] for Android

Delight Games (Premium) Apk is an interactive novel game for android

Download latest version of Delight Games (Premium) v11.2 Apk [Full Paid] for Android 4.0 and up from with direct link

Game Name: Delight Games (Premium)
Genre: Interactive Novel
Developer Company: Delight Games
Current Version: 11.2
Last Update: September 2, 2019
File Size: 23 Mb
Store ID: com.delightgames.delightgamespremium
Requires Android: 4.0 and up

Delight Games (Premium) Apk Description

You have found the largest text-adventure, choice-based gamebook collection on Google Play!
✔ 50+ Choice-based interactive novels. All unlocked with no micro-transactions.
✔ No ads.
✔ You get new gamebooks regularly with updates on Premium before anywhere else.
✔ No-wifi, no problem.
✔ Small download and easy on your battery.
✔ Now accessible to blind users (e.g. Talkback compatible).

Gamebooks included:
✔ 6 volumes of Wizard’s Choice (medieval fantasy)
✔ 9 volumes of Rogue’s Choice (medieval fantasy)
✔ 6 volumes of Demon’s Choice (medieval fantasy)
✔ 2 full-length gamenovels of the Paladins Series (medieval fantasy)
✔ 1 full-length gamenovel of Frost (sci-fi/fantasy)
✔ 10 volumes of Zombie High (zombie apocalypse)
✔ 4 volumes of Detective’s Choice (noir mystery)
✔ 8 volumes of Witch Saga (fantasy set in the 1930’s)
✔ 2 volumes of Bionic Bikini (sci-fi humor)
✔ 6 volumes of Oregon Trail (historical adventure)
✔ 1 volume of Monster Myths (reality show adventure)
✔ 1 volume of Pirates Never Die (pirate adventure)
✔ 1 volume of Deep Space Huntress (space opera)
✔ 1 volume of Superhero’s Choice (superhero adventure)
✔ 1 volume of Ghost Hunter (kid’s adventure)
✔ 1 volume of Apprentice Musketeers (kid’s adventure)


What’s New

Rogue’s Choice 13 is Live! Please send feedback using “Contact Us” from the main menu. Also, added a few pieces of art to the Wizard’s Choice series. Fixed typos in chapter 13. Special thanks to Lazar, Anastasiia, and an anonymous person I’ll just call “Brigyn” for sending those corrections!


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Snog Darcy Apk [Full Paid] 1.0 for Android

Snog Darcy Apk is an Interactive game for android

Download latest version of Snog Darcy Apk [Full Paid] v1.0 for Android 4.0 and up from with direct link developed by MOUNT MOJO

Snog Darcy Apk Description

Snog Darcy is the first adaptation for mobile of Jane Austen’s adored novel, Pride and Prejudice.

In this new adaptation YOU become the feisty, courageous, and articulate heroine from this classic romantic tale.

Engage in lively conversations with Mr Darcy, the county’s handsome newcomer, and a host of other entertaining characters.

Through branching dialogue and interactive play, you are immersed in a world of courtship, romance, drama, and playful diversions.

This app mixes eloquent prose and evocative music with splendid interactivity as you fall in love, lose love, and discover hope.

Now, it is time to Snog Darcy!


What’s New

Thanks for playing Snog Darcy!


note: extract the zip and move or copy the obb data folder “com.MountMojo.SnogDarcy” to “internal storage/android/obb/”

When Silence Fell Apk [Full Paid] 1.5 for Android

When Silence Fell Apk is an Interactive Novel game for android

Download latest version of When Silence Fell Apk [Full Paid] v1.5 for Android 4.2 and up from with direct link developed by Inkborne Tales

When Silence Fell Apk Description

People always say time heals all wounds. But every wound leaves its scars until one’s heart has become unrecognisable under their web.
– Sophia von Lindenbronn, 1625

• Delve into a dark interactive story set in the 17th century!
• Follow Sophia into the times of the Thirty Year’s War.
• Her diary becomes your link to her – and your choices will determine her fate.
• Explore a compelling storyline of more than 110,000 words.
• Check the integrated wiki for facts to guide Sophia along her way.
• It’s like reading a book – but you decide how it ends…
• The first of three episodes is out now!

400 years ago the Thirty Years’ War plunged Europe into chaos. Today, When Silence Fell will resurrect its shadows before your eyes.

Follow Sophia into the 17th century, as her diary opens up a window through time and space. War is consuming the German Lands with an endless, voracious appetite, tearing the lives of thousands apart.

Accompany her in a compelling narrative of more than 110,000 words and witness how she manoeuvres through the years of turmoil. Face tough decisions, guide her along the way and become her trusted friend.

But whatever you do, choose wisely. Sophia’s struggle for life and freedom can lead her onto substantially different paths and whenever you reach a crossroad you can check the game’s integrated wiki to learn about what might lie ahead.

The decisions you make in this first of three episodes will have an irrevocable impact on the young woman and her fellows. It will be your shared journey – and Sophia’s fate lies within your hands.


What’s New

– A tutorial has been added
– Minor improvements



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Saving Mikey Apk [Full Paid] 1.5 for Android

Saving Mikey Apk is a Text Adventure game for android

Download latest version of Saving Mikey Apk [Full Paid] v1.5 for Android 7.0 and up from with direct link developed by Peter Balogh – Uplezz

Saving Mikey Apk Description

Saving Mikey is a choosable-path adventure game built on plain text messages from a young boy, who went missing in an infected area after “Lyssa”, a very dangerous rabies-like virus started to spread silently. You have to help him survive and reach the safe zone by telling him what to do when he faces different situations and threats during his journey. We mixed the classic „road trip in an apocalyptic world” genre with the interactive Fighting Fantasy books from the 80’s.


What’s New

Minor text-fix



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Railways of Love Apk [Full Paid] 1.0.6 for Android

Railways of Love Apk is an Interactive Novel game for android

Download latest version of Railways of Love Apk [Full Paid] v1.0.6 for Android 4.4 and up from with direct link developed by Provodnik Games

Railways of Love Apk Description

An interactive road novel about love and fate in the tradition of the Russian classics.

Train wheels click-clack monotonously. Two people – a man and a woman – go back home from the city of the future. They have feelings for each other. They are doomed to part.

Change their destiny and help the protagonists confess their love. It won’t be simple, but every successive attempt will reveal more about the world controlled by Progress-program, about the protagonists’ background and will unlock additional paths through the conversation.

Every small detail of the dialogue is important: blinking light, spikehead outside the window, music in the next compartment. Discover the right sequence of these events to finally…

And it is tempting to say – make the protagonists happy. But what is happiness? What sacrifice should be made to find it? Is it possible at all? Answers to such questions may turn out to be unexpected.


What’s New

Fixed bugs on Android 4.4:
– App crash when pressing “back” button
– “Double tap” effect



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