Smart Magnifier Glass – Magnifier Camera 1.1 [PRO] Mod Apk

Smart Magnifier Glass – Magnifier Camera v1.1 [PRO] Mod Apk

Smart Magnifier Glass – Magnifier Camera v1.1 [PRO]
Requirements: 5.0 and up | SAI (SPLIT APK INSTALLER)
Overview: Smart Magnifier Glass – Magnifier Camera app is a productive application is designed for peoples to have low eyesight and easy to see small text, images, and objects


With the use of this magnifier application, you can also check many other things like wrinkles on the face, lines, cracks and many other ambiguities on images. This application is best suitable for peoples who work on soldering, de-soldering or on magnifier re-work in shops. You can use this app as a restaurant menu reader, medicine bottles/prescription bottle reader and serial numbers from the back of the device like tv’s, dvd, refrigerator, etc. This application turns your phone into a digital magnifier. You don’t need to carry a magnifier anymore. When you want to magnify small things and texts, the smart magnifier can be the solution.

Feature of Smart Magnifier Glass – Magnifier Camera:

# You can use the custom magnifying glass on the camera.
# Led flashlight system provided to work in the dark.
# You can also capture the screenshot.
# View screenshot by zooming in and zooming out.
# Mirror captured screenshot functionality is provided.
# If you want to screen freezing, you can.
# Camera zoom and digital zoom up to 4x system.
# Autofocus to activate(tap on the screen).

Smart magnifier glass – magnifier camera app uses you’ll be able to read even the tiniest print clearly. Finally, you’ll see everything big and clear. Best of all, you will be stop blaming yourself for your imperfect eyesight. In addition, to getting the best magnifier, you will also get the brightest led torch flashlight. There is also a freeze functionality that will help you see images more comfortably. Once you freeze the image, you can save or share it. This app is one of the best useful application which allows you to turn your phone into a magnifying glass. Make your life easier with this magnifier flash application to magnify a small even more smaller text and objects. Get rid of all obsolete devices and be smart yourself with this smart magnifier application.

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Smart magnifier glass – magnifier camera app all in one magnifying glass, flashlight, and camera snapshot app provides everything you need to read clearly. Are you tired of trying to read labels with tiny fonts? Now you can use your android device as the perfect digital magnifier. No need to use a magnifying glass to read small labels. This app lets you see the text, large and clear. The magnifier has the onscreen zoom and lighting controls for easy operation. You can also use the flash as a light to get a brighter image, plus negative mode inverts the colors so you can see this difference when they’re hard to see. This app has some key fetcher like high magnification factor, zoom, and exposure controls, flashlight for low light situations, negative mode, freeze image feature, save and share images, great image visibility and easy to use.

What’s New:
No changelog

SAI Instructions:
1. Download and install latest SAI app (Split APK Installer);
2. Download this archive app; exract it in internal storage
3. Install and Open SAI / Click “Pick APKs” button and select base APK as well as additional configuration-specific APKs then click “Select” button to start installation process.

PRO features unlocked

Download Instructions:


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